Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, the Settrax team has spent thousands of hours in operating rooms, sterile processing departments, surgeons’ offices, and recovery rooms. We’ve been both health care facility staff and medical device vendors. We’ve experienced the antiquated processes for managing the vendor and hospital relationship and knew it needed to be improved. Most importantly we’ve been patients and experienced the feeling of entrusting a team of people with your life. The Settrax leadership knows that in order to better serve patients a better process like Settrax needs to be put in place!

Of course, our team has fun while we’re hard at work innovating in the healthcare space. Being headquartered in the Pacific Northwest many of our team members enjoy spending time outdoors, especially in the multiple National Parks located here in Washington state! It takes a lot of caffeine to create great software and the topic of how to procure and prepare said caffeine is a hotly debated topic at Settrax. Some of us are loyal to the classic French press, some only drink high powered cold brew, and a few of the Settrax support staff seem to consume gallons no frills brewed coffee every day.