Solve the challenges of vendor communication and vendor supplied instruments and implants in your facility!

Settrax is the most trusted and complete vendor tray management solution on the market! Settrax will solve your communication, vendor instrument management, and compliance challenges.

Clear Workflow: Transparency, Accountability, Compliance

Settrax works with your facility to take your existing workflow and transition it to the Settrax workflow. The Settrax workflow is an all encompassing process that starts with communication between the hospital and vendor, captures the check in and check out process, and reviews the entire process to ensure all compliance policies were followed. Having a clear workflow that is accurate, transparent and consistent eliminates finger pointing and ensures everyone is working together efficiently.


Communication is the one aspect of logistics that has to function smoothly and consistently. Settrax removes an unclear aspect of the hospital and vendor relationship and puts in place a clear communication channel that becomes the hub of all information. It take an unclear process and makes it clear, documented, and consistent.

Check In / Check Out

From hospital to hospital the check in and check out process can vary drastically! Settrax removes the variability of the check in and check out process and puts in place a clear, intuitive and consistent check in and check out process. Settrax ensures all of the instruments and implants provided to the hospital are checked in with all of the required details and documents. This process is vendor driven not hospital staff driven which means your staff can remain focused on their main tasks.

Compliance Tracking

Every hospital and surgery center around the country has vendor compliance policies in place. The one aspect that is missing from these policies is a way to effectively monitor and enforce them. Settrax provides a workflow that ensures that all activities between the hospital and vendor are checked against facility policy and any non-compliance is flagged for review.  Compliance policies exist to ensure that surgical cases can progress safely for patients, staff, and vendors.

Individual Performance

Settrax doesn’t just track department performance it provides the ability to review individual performance to determine with pinpoint accuracy where improvement can occur!

 Work Load Planning

Settrax allows your facility to look at upcoming cases and plan ahead to have enough resources to handle the workload. Why guess on what resources will be needed? With Settrax you can use actual data to plan ahead!

Powerful Reporting

Settrax provides powerful reporting abilities so that your facility can understand what is happening and where the trends are going. Every good administrator knows that a facility without good data and reporting is like a ship without a rudder!

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Constant Innovation: Always Improving, Always Innovating

The team at Settrax is constantly innovating and improving the Settrax system! We believe that once a year updates are just too slow! Settrax is constantly improving and constantly evolving into something that provides its users real benefit. We listen to our customers feedback and create solutions in days not months or years! In the new era of software development constantly improvement must be the standard and at Settrax we strongly believe in that!

Settrax is Constantly Innovating, Here Are Just A Few Main Features

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Fully Managed Integration Process

  • Experienced Integration Specialists

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Real Support People Not Online Forms

  • Engaging Community Groups Ideal for Sharing

  • Easy User Management

  • Easy to Understand Training

  • Short Easy to Understand Video Tutorials

  • Staffless Check In Process

  • Fully Documented Chain of Custody

  • Safety and Compliance Hard Stops

  • Fully Customizable Compliance Settings

  • Easy Vendor Management Tools

  • Multiple User Types

  • Powerful Compliance Reporting Tools

  • Access Management Abilities

  • Analytic Reporting

  • Always Up to Date Cloud Infrastructure

  • Loss Prevention Workflow that Gets Immediate Results

  • Uncluttered and Easy to Understand User Interface

  • High Definition Picture Capture

  • Hard Stops to Ensure Safety Compliance

  • Document Attachment Capabilities

  • Clear Lines of Responsibility

  • Clear Workflow for Staff and Vendors

  • Fully Optimized For Speed

Real Support: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you, the user. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the higher standards that other software companies. We have worked by our customers' side and truly care about your department as much as you do, which is why we have invested and incredible amount of time and money to provide best support possible. Do you want to talk to an actual person when you call a software company instead of filling out a form that goes to no where?! So do we that's why when you call Settrax support you get a real person who can provide you quick solutions.

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Dollars Saved

Incredible Impact: The Proof Is In The Dollars Saved

Settrax is full of useful features that are constantly improving and expanding, each one with its own meaningful purpose. But what good are features unless they provide real measurable benefits? Settrax has the numbers to back up our claims! Real people with real stories where Settrax has changed how their facility operates and the proof is in the bottom line! Our customers loved sharing their stories with other health care facilities considering Settrax! If you'd like to hear directly from our customers contact us today!

Integration, Training and Support: Made Easy

Settrax has integrated many facilities around the country. We will help you anticipate where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them! We have resources for each stage of your partnership with Settrax. It starts with fully managed integration, progresses to initial staff and vendor training, and then settles into ongoing support.

"Lost Instruments Are a Financial Leaky Faucet"

How Much? What Does One Lost Instrument Cost?

The answer to this question is not easy! A single lost instrument can range from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars! Settrax has a documented track record of success with our customers! The Settrax process ensures that lost instrument costs become a thing of the past! Settrax creates a workflow with its proprietary kiosk and workflow that ensures missing items are identified and responsibility is quickly established. Millions of dollars are wasted paying for lost instruments and implants each year, help your facility reinvest those dollars in your patients' care!

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Security: We Go Beyond

Settrax takes data security very seriously. We abide by all HIPAA and HITECH standards for data transfer and storage. Settrax does not collect or store any type of Protected Health Information. While Settrax does not collect, transmit, or store protected health information we still take every precaution to protect our users data. Settrax goes beyond just simple password complexity standards and data encryption. Settrax utilizes two factor authentication from an industry leading organization that provides authentication services to the world's leading companies. Settrax also utilizes leading edge redundancy architecture ensuring catastrophic events do not equal data loss. Schedule a demo today to learn about security and Settrax.

Two Factor Authentication

Settrax uses two factor authentication to protect the data of it's users. Two Factor Authentication uses something you know like a password and something you have like your mobile device. Settrax makes it really easy to use your smartphone for Two-Factor Authentication with your Settrax account.

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Change Is Possible: Settrax hospitals found the positive change they believed wasn't possible!

Settrax knows that change is hard! When you integrate Settrax, we work with your staff and vendors to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. With thousands of users and live Settrax hospitals around the country, you can lean on our experience to help you achieve success!

"I've worked in SPD for 37 years and I wish Settrax had existed from day 1"

"I've worked in sterile processing for going on 37 years and I wish Settrax had existed from day 1! I've worked at hospitals and surgery centers all over the country and I can't tell you the number of delayed and cancelled cases that Settrax could have prevented. Communication is drastically improved with Settrax but just the fact that compliance issues can be enforced it's a major shift."  - Paula E.

We all had our doubts at the beginning but after a few days we knew this would process would end up spreading across the country. It was impossible to argue the impact because it was clearly visible on our empty loaner racks. Now I can’t imagine not having Settrax in place. It’s a beautiful thing when something works as well as this does.
Ted h. , Washington Hospital
We knew it would be a change for everyone including our reps but with the challenges we and everyone else were experiencing something needed to happen and it was a long time coming. After a few days of reps learning the new process it became just the new norm but with incredible tracking and accountability.
Nick S., Oregon Hospital
I’ll admit that I wasn’t happy when I found out there was going to be a new process. It seems like every new process that is put on vendors is very one sided. I was actually surprised when I was shown the accountability tools that I have access to as a rep that Settrax provides so that the accountability conversation between my hospitals and I goes both ways. There has to be understanding between both the hospitals and reps and Settrax provides that.
Jeff C. , Total Joint Rep
I think it’s easy to say communication among surgeons, reps, operating rooms and sterile processing needs improvement. Sometimes I’d show up for a case only to find it was cancelled, except no one actually told me. Gas, shipping expenses and my time are all wasted when communication isn’t accurate. Settrax keeps everyone on the same page so when a case cancels, I find out immediately not after I’ve wasted time and money to prepare.
Lisa P. , Extremities Rep
My day is consumed with emails and phone calls to reps letting them know of cases and making sure they know for sure they have a surgery scheduled. It’s not easy to keep track of over 60 reps especially when we have a large program at our hospital. Settrax makes it incredibly easy to notify reps but more importantly confirm that they know about the case and we have what we need for surgery. I know at a glance who needs a reminder, who has confirmed their new cases and who has actually checked their instruments in.
Anna H. , California Hospital

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